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Pat & Debbie Mahaffey

We could really not say enough about D’Groove.  In fact, I wish that I had turned over some more of the coordination effort to you.  Everything you and the band did was of a truly professional caliber and we really enjoyed working with you.We could really not say enough about D’Groove.  In fact, I wish that I had turned over some more of the coordination effort to you.  Everything you and the band did was of a truly professional caliber and we really enjoyed working with you.
Thanks, Pat & Debbie Mahaffey

Stephanie & Erick Ong

Please let the rest of the band know that they did an amazing job that day.  Our guests enjoyed their company and trust me…I had lots of future brides asked us afterwards who the band was.  Everyone said you guys were GREAT!  Thank you for making our wedding wonderful!
Thanks,  Stephanie & Erick Ong

Phil & Mindy Polishuk


This is a bit belated but Phil and I wanted to thank you for all your help in securing D’Groove for our wedding.  We loved them and so did the rest of the guests! We would also like to send a thank you to Cesar – could you please email me an appropriate address for him?
Thanks, Phil & Mindy Polishuk



Lt. & Mrs. Rommel & Pam Salgado, USN


I can’t count the number of compliments I got about the band.  In fact, there were a few couples who will be getting married in the next year who were particularly interested in you guys.  So expect some calls from people referencing my wedding.  I added a little extra to what I owe you.  I wish it were more, but Pam and I have already gone over from our original budget that only included a DJ. But I hope it is enough to express how much we appreciated the service.  The band not only played wonderful music, but were pleasant and friendly and during their breaks when the DJ was spinning – a few of them hit the dance floor!!!  They were great…
Take care, Lt. & Mrs. Rommel & Pam Salgado, USN


Cyndi Banaag


Just wanted to say thank you again for providing such wonderful music at my wedding reception. I received so many compliments from the guests raving about your performance. They enjoyed the music very much!! Thanks again for making my wedding day so very special.
Sincerely, Cyndi Banaag



Shelly Kennedy


Thank YOU, Cesar, for an outstanding job! Our guests are still talking about how great you guys were. No kidding! All our friends and relatives (of all ages) were highly impressed with your band. Some said it was the best band they’ve ever heard. You and your group sure had everybody dancing! So, thank you, Cesar, for accommodating us during the holidays, working within our budget, and doing such an excellent job. I can’t thank you enough. I passed your business cards along to a few of my friends whose weddings are scheduled for next year. They should be contacting you soon!  Have a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year Cesar.
God bless, Shelly Kennedy


Patrick and Jennifer Landeza


The highlight of our wedding (besides the event itself) was the D’Groove Band!! All of our guests were so impressed with their vast knowledge of songs as we all danced the night away!!! They are by far the best top 40 band we have ever heard, and we’ve heard a lot of them!!!
Thanks, Patrick and Jennifer Landeza



Jerry & Mavelyn Lacap


Again, Mavelyn and I can’t thank you and the band enough for the fabulous emceeing and performance job done this past Saturday. Everything was perfectly timed, the emceeing was professionally done and the performance/music was so awesome. You guys got everyone into the celebration and I could tell that everyone was having a good time and a lot of fun. For Mavelyn and I, music is a big part of are life. Music represents having spirit, soul and being alive. The music that the band performed most definitely put a good spirit in the air that night. Every single person I spoke to that night asked about you guys and I’m sure you will hear from a few of our guests about possible bookings in the future. I think Mav has sent you something in the mail so if you could please confirm that you received it that would be great. Again I can’t thank you and the band enough for the great performance you guys put on that night and I wish you guys more continued success.
Sincerely, Jerry Lacap

Michele (White) Keith


I just wanted to thank you and the band. You guys did an awesome job at our wedding at The St. Francis. Many of my guests are still raving about you guys. Everything was perfect! Please thank everyone for me.  My photographer took some photos of the band, I will try to have him send me electronic copies in case you would like to order some.  Thanks again and I will see you this Saturday at Karen and Tom’s wedding.
Regards,  Michele (White) Keith



Ben & Sue Querubin


Sue and I just wanted to say thanks to you and the rest of the D’groove band for the great job you did with our wedding. From the ceremony music to the last dance, you guys really made the “soundtrack” to our wedding day memorable. You guys are all so very talented and it was an honor to have you guys perform at our wedding. You guys looked and sounded great. Our guests were all very entertained and impressed with your band and we all enjoyed dancing to your music..we hope you guys enjoyed yourselves as well! Please make sure you express our gratitude to the rest of the bandmembers.  Cesar, thank you also for all the personal attention you gave to us through out our planning process the past few months. From all your consultation and advice to learning our songs. Your piano playing at the ceremony was also incredible, especially with Ednil’s singing and Kiko’s Sax.  It was a pleasure working with you and I hope to keep in touch going forward. I’ll forward you some photos once our photographer is finished with them.  I’ll continue to spread the word for D’groove and will try to help you guys anyway I can. Take care and we wish you and D’groove the best!
Sincerely,  Ben & Sue Querubin


Alfredo & Suzanne Ornelas


Thank-you for providing such great entertainment at our wedding. “That is the best band I have ever heard”. “The music was great”. These are just some of the comments that we are hearing from our guests. If we could change anything we would have had a BIGGER dance floor. Our reception was great because of D’Groove.  Alfredo and I both agree that the money best spent for our wedding was on D’Groove.  Cesar, we also want to extend a special thanks to you for being incredibly easy to work with. D’Groove was the only vendor we worked with that gave us no problems, or concerns.  We have already had inquiries about D’Groove from family members whose weddings are coming in the next year. We have given them your information, and we will continue to highly recommend you all.  Thank-you again for getting guests our dancing.
Alfredo & Suzanne Ornelas


Marcela Celeste and Terzo Filomeno


You and the D’Groove Band made it happen on our parents’ 50th anniversary. You guys were superb!!! Our parents, relatives, and friends were very impressed how you and your band performed the night of October 18.  So many of our guests said that it was the best band that they have ever heard for years in this town. Your band had everybody dancing that night and we all enjoyed the music very much!!! As you may already know by now, we love to party and it shows that we are party animals!! Everything was absolutely fantastic, the music and your energetic style of performance. We highly recommend D’ Groove Band to anyone who is looking for great entertainment. We’ll certainly be looking forward seeing you guys again for future events. Also, we hope you were pleased with us keeping your band alive.  Cesar, again we can’t thank you enough for all the job well done and everything you had to do to accommodate our needs, and making the event so special for our parents’ 50th anniversary (Mr. and Mrs. Joe Filomeno). It was a memorable event!  On behalf of our parents, my bother, and I, Thanks for everything.
Best Wishes,  Marcela Celeste and Terzo Filomeno

Rosa and Louis Lee


Thank you so much for an awesome night! The music had everyone dancing the whole night! People are still raving about the music! From the beginning, you were so easy to book, observe and work with. Thank you for helping to make our wedding a lasting memory!
Sincerely, Rosa and Louis Lee

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